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“Pride of workmanship is our signature trademark! Each of our locksmiths has between 20-45 years of experience in the Metro St. Louis market.”

American Locksmiths takes our “Shop-on-Wheels” service right to your door.

  • Professional Installation – our hardware or yours.
  • Residential hardware is available right on our truck.
  • Lock and Key Service
  • Repair and Rekey Locks
  • Local Hometown Locksmiths


Experienced Locksmiths

When you call us, an experienced locksmith listens to your needs, suggests products and services, and schedules an appointment. We always contact you before we dispatch to your location so you know when we are on the way.


  • Mortise Locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Doorknobs
  • Lever Locks
  • Multi-point Locks
  • Doors That Sag or Rub

Rekeying Locks

  • Just moving into your home?
  • Which neighbors or relatives have a key to your new home?
  • Get peace of mind by having your locks rekeyed.
  • Be assured the previous keys will no longer work.
  • Rekey your home to work on a single key.
rekeying locks

Rekeying Options

  • Keyless Entry – Try a combination pushbutton entry lock.
  • Maid’s pass key will operate a knob lock of a single door.
  • The maid’s key allows access when you choose to leave the deadbolt unlocked.
  • A maid’s key is handy to give someone temporary access: sitter, repairman, or other guests.
deadbolt locks

Deadbolt Locks

Pry-resident deadbolt engages securely in door jamb when fully extended by a key or thumb turn.

  • Single Cylinder – Deadbolt lock operated by keyed cylinder outside and by thumb turn inside.
  • Double Cylinder – Deadbolt lock operated by keyed cylinder inside and outside.
keyless locks

Keyless Locks (Many models available.)

Keyless locks are sweeping the market; we at American Locksmiths offer many models, including the REVOLUTION lock. This lock has a black touch-sensitive screen and is easy to use. The REVOLUTION will talk you through simple programming steps to add and delete users as well as many other features, including:

  • One Hand Pushbutton Operation
  • Audit Trail (Activity Record)
  • Changeable Combination
  • Pick-proof
  • One-time User Codes
  • More options are available, including remotely-audited trail.
pushbutton combination locks

Pushbutton Combination Locks

  • Have you or your child lost or forgotten their house key? Solution: have a secure key box mounted outside your home using a simple pushbutton combination to open it.
  • Another easy approach is to use a keyless combination entry lock. Just press in the combination and turn the knob… presto you are in quickly and safely. You can change your secret combination yourself whenever you feel the need.

How safe is your Home?

If you would like, print out the following check-list and survey your home to prevent a loss before it occurs.

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