Lost or forgotten combination?

  • We can open, service and provide you with a new working combination.

Is your safe hard to open?

  • We can service the lock and bolt work to make your combination work smoothly every time.
  • Safe locks are very precise to provide security, you can count on.
  • Through use parts become worn; lubricating agents become “gummy”; clearances and contact points fail to allow proper alignment and the combination no longer works well.
  • Out technicians will clean, lubricate and inspect for worn parts before setting your new combination.

We no longer offer safes, but this information can help you choose the correct safe for your needs.

Be sure the safe you purchase carries the UL Label that certifies the container has been laboratory tested to satisfy established standards set by the Safe Manufacturing and Insurance Company industries.

  • Record Safe – These thick walled safes protect their contents from fire and theft, ensuring that paper placed inside will not burn for the rated time
  • Data Safe – Record safes can’t protect CD’s, VCR tapes, camera memory cards, and other magnetically recorded media from fire. This extra level of protection can protect even these environmentally sensitive materials.
  • Depository Safe – One can add to the contents of these safes without knowing the combination. With one of these safes, employees can protect cash, but only management can access it.
  • Push Button security box – These items have a simple and fast push button combination lock to access s your items easily, but be warned the safe may be easily pried open or just lifted and carried away.

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