Making Keys

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Making Keys

Precision made keys that work!

Have you ever had a key made that didn’t work? Why? It is all about accuracy. Our key making machines are professional quality and capable of tolerances to a one-thousandth of an inch accuracy. That is less than the thickness of a human hair! A key and lock are like parts in a machine that are made to fit each other.

Key Duplication

  • American Locksmiths has the largest key blank inventory in St. Louis
  • We have many hard to find keys

We have keys in stock including:

  • House
  • Office
  • Furniture
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Trucks
  • Auto transponder “chip” keys
  • High security
  • Barrel keys
  • Flat steel
  • Motorcycle

Keys Replaced- Lost/ missing/ stolen

  • Locks without keys—not a problem
  • We “recreate” the lost key from your lock
  • Change the locks to work on different keys.

Broken Keys

  • We can usually duplicate your current broken key
  • Too worn to salvage by duplication? we measure the cuts and recreate a new key

Keys by Code

  • Manufacturer’s use code numbers as a reference to the keys actual cuts
  • We check the manufacturers chart to give us technical measurements to originate a working key
  • Our computer data base is linked to a special machine to create a genuine “factory fresh” key in very little time

Making precision keys that work is our passion, so stop by our store or call for our shop-on-wheels- service to your door! 314-961-2444

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