Commercial Services

Comprehensive service for your Door and Hardware needs

When you call us an experienced locksmith listens to your needs; suggests products and services; schedules an appointment. We always contact you before we dispatch to your location so you know we are on the way.

  • Well stocked service trucks
  • Lock and key service
  • Doors re-hung and repaired
  • Door closer service
  • Storefront hardware installed
  • Hardware installation on aluminum, steel and wood doors
  • Billing available

Security? It’s Simple… When you know the Facts!

Here are some ways to control security.

  • Keyed Alike – All locks in a group have the same key combination
  • Keyed Different – Each lock in a group has different individual key combinations
  • Master Keyed* – One master key opens all locks in a group, yet each lock is keyed different from the rest of the group.

*All the above applies to any combination of locks, deadbolts, padlocks and panic hardware.


Locks having a knob or lever on either side of a door which retracts a spring latch. Which function suits your needs best?

Function Application Operation
Passage For doors that do not require locking. Both knobs always unlocked.
Privacy For lavatory or other privacy doors.
  • Both knobs unlocked.
  • Outside knob locked by pushing inside button.
  • Button releases by turning inside knob or when closing door.
Entry For keyed exterior doors.
  • Inner knob always unlocked.
  • Outer knob locked by turning button on inside knob.
  • Locked outer knob opened by key.
Storeroom For storeroom, utility, or exit doors that must always remain locked.
  • Inside knob always unlocked.
  • Outside knob opens by key, yet remains locked after key is withdrawn.
Classroom For classroom or utility doors.
  • Inside knob always knocked.
  • Outside knob locked or unlocked by revolution of key.
Double Cylinder Store Lock For doors between offices (common doors).
  • Both knobs locked or unlocked by key either knob.


Pry resistant deadbolt engages securely in door jamb when fully extended by key or thumb turn.

  • Single Cylinder – Deadbolt locks operated by keyed cylinder outside and by thumb turn inside.
  • Double Cylinder – Deadbolt lock operated by keyed cylinder inside and outside.


Keyless locks are sweeping the market, so we at American Locksmiths are offering many makes and models including the E-Plex series by KABA, where you can add or delete users by merely touching buttons with your master code.

  • One hand push button operation.
  • Audit trail (activity record) available
  • Changeable Combination.
  • Pick Proof
  • One time user codes
  • More options available including remotely audited trail

Also Available: Keyed override by interchangeable core cylinder.


When a lock is changed occasionally or when the need arises suddenly, a quick exchange of lock cores can be made in seconds by the user’s own control key.


Lock or Unlock a door electrically by pressing a release button, multi-digit touch pad, waving a card or fob that hangs from your key ring. Audit trail (activity record) is available on select models.


Lock and Alarm

  • Lock opens and alarm sounds when emergency paddle is pushed.
  • Lock can be opened and alarm switched off by key.