Automotive Locksmithing

American Locksmiths makes keys for most vehicles.

  • Extensive key blank inventory in stock, including trucks and motorcycles
  • Transponder auto “chip” keys
  • Precision made keys that work!
  • Lock-out service
  • Many parts in stock
  • Locks keyed to match your car keys
  • Computerized data base to insure we have the parts and technical information to handle your needs

Transponder auto “chip” keys

Car theft is down. Why? Car manufactures now build cars with an anti-theft systems built into your on-board computer as standard equipment.

The transponder anti-theft system works as follows:

  • Your car’s on-board computer reads an encrypted “ID” code inside your key.
  • The car is allowed to start only when the keys “ID” code matches the one already programmed into the car’s computer.
  • With our specialized equipment we can cut and program a transponder key for your car from our in-stock inventory.

Keys lost, broken or worn? No problem, we can help!

  • Lost Keys – We can create new ones. Call for details and prices.
  • Stolen Keys – Have the ignition, door and trunk locks re-keyed to prevent theft. If your car has a transponder key system built in by the manufacturer, the lost or stolen key can be deactivated from the on-board computer program. A replacement key with a new unique “ID” code will be programmed to work with your on-board computer.
  • Broken or worn keys – Have us “recreate” the key and enjoy the ease of “factory fresh” keys to your car. By taking measurements of your key we can “originate” a new key as precise as the factory original.
  • Why does a worn key still operate the door and trunk, but the ignition is more difficult to operate? The ignition lock is built heavier, to tighter mechanical tolerances and provides more physical protection from theft.
  • New Ignition vs. New Key. A new precision made key is often the real solution to a hard to operate ignition. Show us your key, we will be glad to advise you as to whether a new key might be the best solution.

High Security Keys

  • We have been duplicating high security auto keys for over 20 years, including those with transponders and some remotes.
  • We can provide and program “keyless” fobs for the newer cars

Auto Lock Repair and Replacement

  • Do you have auto locks that are hard to operate or just don’t work?
  • SOLUTION: have the lock replaced with a new one or rebuild your lock to match your same key.