Access Control

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Access Control

Push Button Combination Hardware

When monitoring is not necessary as in the case of company employees. Allows restricted access to various areas.

Restricted Key Duplication

We offer locks that require a registered card and signature for key duplication. These locks are highly pick resistant.

Handicap Hardware

  • Automatic closing of doors with delayed action
  • Automatic opening of doors by button
  • Lever handle locks in place of knob type locks

Door Announcers

  • Letting you know when someone passes through a door way


  • Two way communication for door entry systems
  • After using an intercom or telephone entry system to identify your caller, just simply press a button to allow entry.

Card Entry Systems

A locked door can only be entered by using push buttons, swiping a card, or waving a programmed fob. An activity record called an ‘audit trail’ is available on select products, so you know who enters a door and when.

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